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Свадьба в историческом индийском дворце

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Afternoon: when the bride and groom are at res and the guests are checking in, We start decorating te beautiful heritage palace for an evening to remember, our venue is Samode Palace (near Jaipur) India, The wedding Invitation Marquiee set up for grooms family and frinds to meet outside the palace hotel, Live torch bearers to mark the start of wedding procession, Groom boards a decorated elephant
The wedding procession starts with a live band and torch bearers. Groom rides on a decorated elephant and proceeds towards the palace o meet his bride, Guests and the bride waiting for the groom at the gates of the palace Decorated heritage palace hotel - Samode Palace (near Jaipur) India, Arrival of the groom at the palace hotel
The groom meets his bride, Exchange of floral garlands between bride and groom Bride & Groom with their names written in traditional Indian Rangoli, Hindo Wedding Ceremony inside a beautifully decorated Wedding Mandap
Decorated cake table, Bride and Groom sipping champagne, Dinner inside the heritage palace hotel  Samode Palace (near Jaipur) India The wedding Party, Bride and Groom sipping champagne, Fireworks at the palace conclude the evening